There are a multitude of products now available in the vaping sector with various features, however the general principle of all devices is the same. Put simply, a battery is attached to a tank or clearomiser which contains the e-liquid, heats this up into a vapour which is then inhaled, and the nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream. The components of e-liquids are generally speaking, Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine and flavourings. Some already contain nicotine, some do not and can be used without - or you add this yourself as required. Most modern devices have a coil in the tank which lasts for a certain amount of time and can be replaced when it is spent.
Many people find that using an e-cigarette enables them to reduce or completely stop smoking tobacco, which of course is extremely harmful to our health. Not only this, but it is also a much cheaper alternative, with the cost of tobacco cigarettes rising consistently in recent years.

There are various devices available, and the equipment has become much more sophisticated since the early days of so called ‘cigalikes.’ In terms of habit most people do not use a vaping device as they would have smoked a traditional cigarette. When a craving arises, a smoker would light a cigarette and although the craving may be eased within a few inhales, they would still finish the cigarette so as not to waste it. The beauty of e-cigarettes is that you can use them more flexibly, with most people finding that they use it little and often. That being said, it is a very individual experience, and you will soon find a rhythm which works best for you.

If you are new to vaping then the below tips may help you on your journey:*

· Choose the right level of nicotine to match your smoking habit.

· If you would usually smoke 20+ cigarettes per day we would recommend that you use 18mg or 20mg Nic Salts.

· For 10-19 cigarettes a day use 12mg or 10mg Nic Salts.

· If you usually consume less than 10 cigarettes a day use 3mg or 6mg e-liquid.

· Do not have any cigarettes in your household or your possession. This will help you to avoid the temptation to have a quick cigarette break because they are easily accessible.

· Keep your new device charged up so you can use it whenever you feel a craving and minimise the risk of a relapse to tobacco.

· Make sure you have enough e-liquid available so you don’t run out; the temptation to go back to smoking can be overwhelming if you do!

· If you live with others who are smokers try to get the whole household to stop too. It’s much more difficult to give up or reduce your consumption if others in the house are still smoking.

· Persevere, it does get easier!

· We always say the challenge goes in cycles of 3:

3 days - the first three days are the most challenging. If you can persevere beyond this point, then you have a solid foundation.

3 weeks - you have broken the cigarette habit, well done! The problem is the temptation is to assume you have cracked it for good. Many people get to this point then sneak back onto the cigarettes. Try to stay away from them and keep your vape close to hand.

3 months - you think you have cracked it, but one night you go out (pre Covid of course) and don’t take your vape. A few drinks later you are craving a cheeky one. Don’t do it! It’s the beginning of a slippery slope. Keep your device with you so you have something to fall back on if required.

· 3 years -you are there and haven’t had a single cigarette for three years. I wonder what it would be like to try just one again? Avoid this at all costs, it will simply start you back on the cigarettes.

*These are our observations, thoughts and experiences and not a technical research view or intended as medical advice. If you have any concerns regarding this please seek advice from your GP or a medical professional. 

There are 2 ways to use an e-cigarette. Smaller and less powerful devices such as generic vape pens are designed to be inhaled mouth to lung or MTL. This means the vapour is drawn from the device slowly and held in the mouth briefly before being taken down into the lungs. Larger and more powerful devices known as ‘mods’ are designed for the vapour to be inhaled more directly straight to the lungs which is known as direct to lung or DTL. DTL is generally a technique used by more experienced vapers.

There is no hard and fast rule as this depends on usage and other user habits, it could be anything from a few days to a few weeks. Some people find that the flavour intensity begins to reduce and will change the coil at that stage, others find they start to experience a ‘burning’ taste or the amount of vapour begins to decline. As a benchmark most manufacturers and suppliers recommend changing your coil every 2 weeks regardless of whether you have noticed any changes.

There are ways to maximise the lifespan of your coil such as ‘priming’ the coil before use by ensuring the coil is well saturated in the liquid and leaving it to settle for a few minutes. Try not to allow the tank to get too empty as this can damage the quality of the flavour and ‘burn out’ the coil more quickly. When not in use always lock the device or switch it off, you can do this on most devices by clicking the on/off button 5 times. 

Sub ohm vaping refers to using a device with a coil resistance of less than one ohm. The benefits of this are enhanced flavour and cloud production and a stronger throat hit. There are specialist e-liquids designed for devices with sub ohm capability to enhance these effects, although choosing this method may mean you get through coils a little quicker owing to the increased thickness of the liquid.

Nic Salts are a relative newcomer to the vaping scene and are essentially a more natural form of nicotine identical to the form found in tobacco, however also without the other harmful components which pose the most risk.

They are blended with the other traditional ingredients to create an e-liquid which provides faster absorption into the bloodstream. This is due to the ‘salts’ element altering the PH balance of the product allowing it to be absorbed more readily by the body. As with all other vaping products they are subject to TPD regulations and are fully compliant. 

In the UK vaping is covered by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), and all products are held to a minimum standard of quality and safety. While the legislation was originally designed to tighten controls on the tobacco industry, there is a section within it which relates specifically to e-cigarettes and associated products such as e-liquids which contain nicotine, or tanks/clearomisers with the potential to do so. This is the reason that certain vaping products are required to display a health warning about nicotine being a highly addictive substance over a certain percentage of the packaging.

This legislation requires that manufacturers are transparent regarding their ingredients and production and has driven pharmaceutical grade production within the industry. Vaping products are also required to be listed with the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). 

Although long term data is not yet available the general consensus among experts is that vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco. A landmark independent review by Public Health England in 2015 estimated that vaping is around 95% less harmful, and The Royal College of Physicians endorsed the use of e-cigarettes as a harm reduction strategy in existing smokers in a 2016 working party report. However, it would not be advisable to take up vaping as a non-smoker. It is intended for existing smokers only.

Nicotine has a mild stimulant effect which could be compared with caffeine. If you were to ingest a large amount of it there would be some mild effects however generally speaking nicotine itself if considered harmless, other than being the element of tobacco which people become addicted to. There has never been a reported case of nicotine poisoning. The damage caused to the body by tobacco is as a result of the of other carcinogenic additives contained within cigarettes and vaping is generally considered increasingly safe and effective as a harm reduction strategy.

While it would always be better not to introduce new substances into the lungs, in comparison to smoking the perceived risk is minimal. Quality and safety within the industry continues to improve exponentially, especially since the advent of TPD. There have been previous (although very minimal) reports of a condition colloquially known as ‘Popcorn Lung,’ which was linked to certain flavours of e-liquid utilising an ingredient called Diacetyl. This and other similar compounds are not permitted to be used in the manufacture of e-liquids in line with TPD.

On very rare occasions some individuals can experience an adverse or allergic reaction to an ingredient in e-liquids, however this is certainly not prevalent. If this is something you suspect is happening always seek medical advice.

In terms of the technical safety of the hardware, only ever use official charging equipment and never unauthorised or untested 3 pin plug adapters such as for mobile phones or tablets. Do not leave your device charging unattended. Incidents involving devices overheating are very rare, however as with any electrical equipment faults can arise and it’s always better to be safe. 

Technically yes. As vaping does not involve combustion it is exempt from the smoking ban legislation in the UK by default, however many premises do have their own policies on vaping. This is the right of the establishment to enforce, and it is simply good etiquette to gain permission before using your device indoors.
As of the 1st of October 2015 it became illegal for e-cigarettes to be sold to anyone under the age of 18, however as the products were only ever intended for existing smokers over the age of 18 reputable suppliers had this policy in place from the outset. You are not permitted to buy vaping products or accessories if you are under 18 years of age. We reserve the right to request age verification information to complete a purchase. Furthermore, it is illegal to knowingly purchase a restricted product for a person under the age of 18.

Research has been undertaken and largely shows that there is an extremely limited risk from inhaling second-hand vapour. The percentage of nicotine and other by products in the exhaled liquid is very low, with one study quoting that The average concentration of nicotine resulting from smoking tobacco cigarettes was 10 times higher than from e-cigarettes (31.60±6.91 vs. 3.32±2.49 µg/m3, respectively; p = .0081).”

We do not recommend that you vape when pregnant. However you can consult with your Doctor or medical professional for further advice on this if you wish.

The Global Pandemic is affecting everybody, and the UK is no exception. Please note the following:

To comply with social distancing, we have reduced the number of people allowed in the shop at any one time. We have also changed the layout to make sure we can keep the designated two metres apart. As a result, things might be a bit slower than normal for which we can only apologise.

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We use Royal Mail standard post. This service is not tracked so we advise to expect a minimum of 10 working days (which is the period Royal Mail state) from dispatch before we can register an order as lost.

However, if you wish to upgrade your delivery to a courier service then this is possible with a small charge, please contact us for further information. We can provide either DPD Local or UPS on request. While these might be a bit more expensive than some cheaper courier services, we have learnt from bitter experience not to use cheaper carriers, and some also do not accept parcels containing e-liquids. Our order cut off time is 3pm (UK Time), Monday to Friday.

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1) If you receive damaged or defective goods or an item is missing from your parcel you must inform us via email or phone call within 48 hours. Claims made after this period will not be accepted. Please do not dispose of any goods before reporting the issue to us, as we may require batch numbers, photographic evidence of any damage or request that the item is returned to us.

2) The goods must be returned to us including all packaging and accessories within the package. On receipt, we will test and inspect the product, if the item is defective, we can offer you a refund within the first 30 days of purchase or a replacement, or if the product is no longer available, we will issue a refund including your postage fees or offer an exchange for an alternative product of your choosing. If the goods are deemed not to be defective or the damage is caused by misuse, accidental damage or wear and tear, you will be liable for any costs incurred returning the goods to us.

3) We may ask further questions either prior to or during the returns process or give recommendations on the use of the product to reduce the need for unnecessary returns and help you to get the best from a product, please assist us by providing as much detail as possible regarding the defect.

4) You must return the goods to us with the original order details via recorded delivery and fully insured for the full value of the goods. You have a duty to take reasonable care of any goods whilst they are in your possession.

1) The goods must be returned to us at your expense within 14 days of the purchase date. You must also include the original order number. We will refund you the full cost of the goods excluding delivery costs and charge a 10% restocking fee once we have received and inspected the goods.

2) Goods must be returned unused and sealed in the original packaging. As electronic cigarettes are an oral product, once used they cannot be returned for hygiene reasons unless defective.

3) You have a duty to take reasonable care of any goods whilst they are in your possession.

4) We advise you to send any return goods via recorded delivery and use suitable packaging as we cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged goods.

Coils (also known as replacement wicks) are a working part of your electronic cigarette and have a limited lifespan. We accept DOA (dead on arrival) coil returns only and you must inform us within 48 hours of receipt. Once we have received your returned coil, according to the Returns policy for defective or damaged goods set out above we will inspect it. If after careful inspection for use, we deem the coil to be defective we will replace the coil and refund any reasonable postage costs you incur returning the coil to us.

Also please note that it is best to prime the coil before use, which has been covered above. 

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